Drop by and bring all your friends!

The castle dates back to 1610.

Tell me you understand that what you did was wrong.

Rodney lost his composure.

I think you're going to be OK.

I'll come back by the morning.

We want what's best for them.

I should've paid more attention to what Orville was saying.


He was too stunned to talk.

His niece is attractive and mature for her age.

I do want to see you.


If you don't have money, you have to do without.


Sending manuscript after manuscript paid off. A magazine finally published my work.

He was very busy all day long.

Little help did he give me.

Sean never makes his bed.

I'm glad I'm not a dog.

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I wish she wouldn't pussyfoot about it and just say what she means.

The police tried to stop the street demonstration.

I've got mine.

She helped me to clear snow away.

Disabled people can't stand it when people pity them.

My daughter never fails to write to me at least once a week.

I've just spoken to your French teacher and he says you're doing well in his class.

I had a busy day today.

You're supposed to be enjoying yourself today.

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That child may have been kidnapped on his way home.

Don't hold your rival cheap.

Don't you play jazz anymore?


A family should not spend all of its money to keep someone alive on a machine.

How did you like Singapore?

I couldn't kill you, Kazuhiro.

Physics is not easy to learn.

We need a bath.

I wonder if I'll ever get married.

Soon you will find yourself friendless.

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She won the contest.

Just let him in.

Shannon didn't like living in Boston.


I think you should come down here.

Thank you for doing this, Elisabeth.

We had better do away with such a fixed idea.

Merton has halitosis and his friends are reluctant to get too close to him.

I went to school in Boston.

We have forgotten to sign up!

John is not my brother, but my cousin.


I'll drive Melinda home.


Audrey felt the cold rain on his face.

Who had this ugly house built?

Dan didn't hesitate even a second to do that.

Tell them I'll do it.

My boy can't do addition properly yet.

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The elderly persons are ready to sacrifice for their grand-children,if they have to.

How old did Edmond say he was?

Every citizen has the right to health and to a life that meets the minimum cultural standards.

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"No, not so much. At most comparing sizes, telling dirty stories." "Sizes of what?" "Of 'that'."

You shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water.

That text is open-minded.

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The pistol bullet pierced his leg.

Take care of him.

Please give me the correct answer.

What does "resident alien" mean?

Tell him why.


I thought Saify was going to Harvard.

You should be careful when crossing a big street.

"Whose cakes are these?" "They are Farida's."

What makes you think I have any secrets?

Anna started packing his backpack.


Isn't there anything we can do?

It might not happen now.

Birds were singing among the trees.


Ask if he wants another drink.

That'll be a big achievement.

The cat was on the table.

I'm going to go back to my seat.

I know for a fact that Derek would never want this.

It is an act of treason to sell military secrets to your country's enemies.

The course of the ship was straight east.


"Well, even so my score is far above yours isn't it?" "What did you say!? If I was to go all out you'd be as nothing to me!"

He retires next spring.

I wonder if Moses can speak French.

Francis is the last person to break his promise.

I should try to help them.

We must be absolutely sure.

Alfred doesn't live with us anymore.

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How romantic!

He has been writing poems since this morning.

He is a reporter for Time magazine.

Allen has a tramp stamp.

I'm an innocent man.

Sometimes things that happen do not make sense.

I offered it to them.

Elric was chosen among 300 applicants.

Let Farouk do this.

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I want to live a carefree life in the country.


Mosur is somewhere in this building.

What are your thoughts on the company?

Here are some letters for you.

Jarvis apparently isn't so sure of that.

Your history teacher would be proud.


He flew into a rage.

Roxanne will always love Stephanie.

She was running down the street clutching two toddlers, one in each arm.


What are your beliefs?

I have a much better idea.

I have to go to the airport to meet my family.


It's a little late for that, don't you think?

I don't like his shallow personality.

Let's get a picture of the whole team.

I asked a favor of him.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.

Dalton has returned from his trip.

Did I ask you?

If you're bored, you can contribute to Tatoeba.

We're all armed.

Go and help wash up, will you?

Stop sucking up to the teacher.


These are yours.

I am not answerable to you for anything.

She asked for my permission to use the telephone.

Jun and his wife have separated.

She was filled with grief at the news of her sister's death.


It's on every Friday at 6.

I have not understood anything.

Stay away from him.


Ned will be coming back Monday.

And what did she answer?

Now I recognize you!

Why do you get up before waking up?

I'll bet Roderick will know what to do.

I met with him again.

I knew something bad was about to happen.

I ran into Deborah the other day.

Who does Emil hang out with?

There's somebody at the door.

You'd be out of your mind to go with him.

Ranjit sits at his computer all day.

Geoffrey walked into the pub and ordered a pint of beer.

Ken got the corkscrew out of the drawer and opened the bottle of wine that Kory had brought.

What music do you like?

Don't let him take pictures.

My uncle plays guitar.

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I was in Boston.

I don't think it's funny.

Charles made up a brief speech.


I've got something here I think you should see.

I'd like to part with her if I could.

Jess isn't Hume's biological daughter.

Malloy is really great. She cooked a wonderful meal for me and even washed the dishes herself.

He holds an extreme opinion on education.

You may eat as much as you want to.

Susanne has made a lot of mistakes.

Why do you want to see them?

The whole city is in panic.

Can we make one of those?

I'll have to see how my schedule looks.

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The boss bawled me out.

What language do people speak in Korea?

I'm not at my best in the mornings.


We came into the office to find Emet and Erkin wiping the windows.

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We visited a small, hundred year-old church on Park Street.

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What's your third wish?

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Can you make that happen?

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What about her?

Smart shopping requires careful planning.

Meeks thought so at first.